An Update and a Case of Blog Neglect

An Update and a Case of Blog Neglect

Oy, I’ve been neglectful again. This is the third summer I’ve had Spoolish and I’m notoriously neglectful during this time. I blame the change of routines and the endless adventures that await every day. Kudos to my fellow bloggers that keep consistently posting week in, week out without skipping a beat – you guys are champs! Sometimes, I feel like I shouldn’t post simply because I haven’t taken…

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#ThriftStyleThursday - Dainty Digs

#ThriftStyleThursday – Dainty Digs


It’s Thrift Style Thursday! Today’s theme is dainty. I’ll be honest – I picked a dainty dress and subsequently took, like, two photos, but it’s not the star of this post…

This dress was a $1 Salvation Army find. I liked it because it has quite some intricate embroidery on it. The purse was a Blogger Swap gift from Louise (Pauper to Princess).


Now for the stars of the show and my latest…

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Roadtrip & Antiques in Prince Edward County

Roadtrip & Antiques in Prince Edward County




This weekend, Sean and I celebrated our three year anniversary by going on a little road trip to Prince Edward County. What was supposed to be a camping trip, turned into a day of driving and antique shopping. Here are a few shots of from our day:

DSC_0983 DSC_0984 DSC_0985DSC_0986DSC_0989DSC_0990Prince-Edward-County-AntiquesPrince-Edward-County-Antiques-2

Sean said I could pick out anything I wanted for an anniversary gift but I just couldn’t find anything that made me say “Wow!”. I did,…

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A Week of Thrifting

A Week of Thrifting

 With my recent trip home and the acquisition of a vehicle for the summer – I did some serious thrift shopping. I swear, if I was making a six figure income – I’d still thrift shop. The thrill, the rush, the…deals! Come along on a photo journey of my recent thrifty finds…


My absolute favorite part of Value Village…the wall of goody bags.


Cool vintage bar set  20140629_144916

I’ve been on the lookout for…

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Disposed Photography Challenge 2014 - Taylor Studios Kingston

Disposed Photography Challenge 2014 – Taylor Studios Kingston

Yesterday, I partook in a photography challenge in downtown Kingston. I spent roughly 5 hours running around the downtown area capturing photos related to surprise theme words. It was a beautiful sunny day and I (hopefully) got some pretty good shots. All photos were taken with a disposable camera – which I loved because it didn’t give certain people (with great equipment) an advantage.


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#ThriftStyleThursday - Frugal Floral

#ThriftStyleThursday – Frugal Floral


Heyyyy, did y’all miss me? It’s a beautiful day today so I thought what the heck – I’ll go on the rooftop patio and take a few photos for Thrift Style Thursday. Today’s theme is florals. I must own at least 15 items that could be showcased for this theme but I decided to go with my latest floral thrift find – a simple tank.


This top was thrifted at Kingston Value Village for $2.99. I…

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I just realized I haven’t posted on here in almost two weeks but things have been pretty hectic! My mom and brother (and Lola!) came to visit me for five days and I started my new job. It’s a new bar in downtown Kingston, and we’re having the grand opening tomorrow night.

I was lucky enough to get offered a supervisor role – getting everything organized and prepared for the big day has proven to…

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Downtown Explorations

Last week, I had my lovely friends Cassie and Natalie visit me here in Kingston. It was great spending time with some Brampton friends. I think I’m going to like bringing people over and showing them my new city. You just see it with such fresh eyes and gain an appreciation for it.


I love living here so far. I’m sitting on a rooftop patio sipping on an iced coffee as I type.  I couldn’t ask for…

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#ThriftStyleThursday- Almost a Hat Trick

#ThriftStyleThursday- Almost a Hat Trick

It’s Thrift Style Thursday – woo! Today’s theme is headgear. Due to a time restraint I wasn’t able to get as in depth with this theme as I wanted to. Would have loved to share my recent love for headscarves but my love for this fedora will have to do. hat7 You know when you find that one hat. The one that you can throw on and it just works. This hat is one of those hats. It actually died while I was…

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Passing the Time

Hi friends,

        Sorry I’ve been absent for almost a week – it’s been a busy few days. I spent the weekend in Brampton visiting family and getting the rest of my items together. Turned out I had almost a garage-full of things I had to either transport back to Kingston or sell/give away. I had a garage sale on Sunday morning – it turned out to be a flop. I think I’m just cursed when it comes to…

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#ThriftStyleThursday - Blazin’ Blazers

#ThriftStyleThursday – Blazin’ Blazers

Ladies and gentlemen,

It is hot here today. Definitely did not want to be wearing a blazer. I did wear one though, for the whole minute it took me to snap some shots :P. One of the warmest days we’ve had this year so far – I am not complaining!

Without further ado, my blazer in the blazing sun -


This blazer was a Goodwill find for about $1. It’s a little on the tighter side because it’s…

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The Good Kind of Mail - Ideas for Beautifying Your Snail Mail

The Good Kind of Mail – Ideas for Beautifying Your Snail Mail

Recently, I’ve been slightly obsessing over letters and parcels and just about everything surrounding the ritual and the aesthetic of, well, mail!

I came across something called The Love Parcel. The Love Parcel is a project run by a girl living in Maryland. Basically, she get’s people all over the world to trade parcels with her. I’m guessing by now she corresponds with hundreds of people. Along…

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Giveaway! Tell me why you’re wonderful.

Giveaway! Tell me why you’re wonderful.

Hi friends,

I woke up this morning just thinking how wonderful it was to have a blog and to know there are people out there who actually read it. Why they read it? Who knows. But it’s wonderful – and I’m very thankful. I wanted to celebrate all of you by doing a little giveaway today!

There is so much negativity out there that we don’t need to add to it by being hard on ourselves. So – in the…

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#ThriftStyleThursday - Cute and Quirky

#ThriftStyleThursday – Cute and Quirky

*Warning: Due to the lack of camera, there may be incidences of mirror selfies in this post*

I haven’t given up on Thrift Style Thursday! I swear it. I’m joining in today even though I only have my phone to take photos with and no one to help take my shots. So, you’ve been warned.

I found out this morning that the theme is ‘cute and quirky’. Now, if I had looked into this last night I wouldn’t…

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